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<title>Lady Freedom among us [a machine-readable transcription]</title>
<author>Dove, Rita</author>
<resp><role>Creation of machine-readable version:</role>
<name>David Seaman, University of Virginia Library 
Electronic Text Center</name></resp>
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<name>University of Virginia Library Electronic Text Center</name></resp>

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<resp><name>University of Virginia Library</name>
<address>Charlottesville, Va.</address>
<idno type="ETC">Modern English, DovLady</idno>
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following URL:</p>
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<note>Digital images of the pages from the Janus Press version created 
by David Seaman, Electronic Text Center.  The HTML copy also includes 
sound files of Rita Dove reading the poem, and background information
on the Janus Press and on the poet, provided by Rick Provine,
Multimedia Resource Center. </note>

<title>Lady Freedom among us</title>
<author>Rita Dove</author></titlStmt>
<resp><role>publisher</role><name>Janus Press</name></resp>
<address>West Burke, Vermont</address>
<date>[1994[, c1993</date>


<note>"Copy number one of this edition of one hundred was added to
the collections of the University of Virginia Library on 8 November 1994 
as its four-millionth volume and in honor of United States Poet 
Laureate Rita Dove, Commonwealth Professor of English at the 
University of Virginia."</note>
<note>"The text is Century Schoolbook printed on Mohawk Superfine 
at the Janus Press in West Burke Vermont in 1994; the handmade 
papers are Sky blue from MacGregor & Vinzani in Whiting Maine, 
Gelatin sisized white and Mica rose from Twinrocker in Brookston Indiana.  
The slipcases were made by Mary Richardson and Judy Conant in 
Guildhall Vermont. Images and design are by Claire Van Vliet with 
cutting executed by Audrey Holden. ... and edition of one hundred plus 
ten hors commerce copies ...."</note>
<note>"This poem was read at the occasion of the return of the 
statue Freedom to the dome of the Capitol on 23 October 1993."</note>

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<date>October, 1994</date>
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