Library website offers new pathways to services

By Amber Lautigar Reichert | January 9, 2023

Just before the winter break, the Library rolled out a refreshed version of its public website, Virgo, LibGuides, and other Library interfaces remain unaffected.

The update is the public manifestation of work that has been ongoing for many years — to design and test a better user experience for new and expert Library users alike. The site will continue to evolve in response to user testing and feedback, and we appreciate your input and patience as progress continues.

Why change?

The main goal of the new site is to provide better navigation and discoverability through improved information architecture. This means more usable menus, as well as better organization of key concepts. This change seeks to benefit expert users as well as folks who may not yet know what the Library can do for them.

Additionally, the rollout took place concurrently with a back-end software update to allow for more sustainable maintenance and support, eradicating some sticky legacy problems. Finally, the update allows us to take a big step toward consistency for setup and design — that consistency will be implemented in an ongoing manner through various Library interfaces in time.

Visitors may notice the presence of key service categories, which we hope will aid in exploration and discovery. Those service categories are:

“Search, borrow, request” provides basic information about engaging with Library resources, very similar to the information found on the old “Research” page.

What’s happening now?

Many minor issues are already on our radar, but we encourage you to submit feedback — positive or negative — through the site feedback form. We are actively monitoring feedback while testing and refining the new interfaces to provide an optimal experience for Library visitors.

Finally: Don’t forget that Ask a Librarian web chat is available to answer questions, large and small!