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Whether you're exploring and creating in this reality or a virtual one, RMC's free and easily accessible equipment and audio, video, 3D printing and VR studios, skilled staff, and tutorials can help your digital projects shine!
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Man against a "green-screen" with a woman working at the camera.

RMC is home to a variety of spaces meant to make your digital projects shine. From audio and video editing studios to collaboration spaces, RMC can empower you to work, create, and collaborate in an efficient and empowering way.

A man is using a VR machine while other students look on.

There’s nothing like having the right tools for a job, and RMC loans a wide range of equipment to help you realize your creative vision. Cameras, sound equipment, virtual reality technology, and more — you’ll find just what you need to get the job done.

An instructor explains a presentation to a group of students.

No matter your skill level, our one-on-one consultations, equipment tutorials, workshops and classroom instruction assistance will help you be more confident in all kinds of technology and build marketable technical skills!

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The RMC is located on the 3rd floor of Clemons Library.

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General contact:, 434-924-7474

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