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The Holsinger Studio Portfolio constitutes a unique photographic record of life in Charlottesville and Albemarle County , Virginia , from before the turn of the century through World War I. The collection consists of approximately 9,000 dry-plate glass negatives and 500 celluloid negatives from the commercial studio of Rufus W. Holsinger. Digitization Services has digitized the entire collection, and eventually it will all be available through this website.






The Jackson Davis Digital Image Portfolio includes images from nitrate film negatives, lantern slides, and photographic prints for which negatives do not exist. Davis'sown card catalog categorized his images by geographic area. These categories include the Southeastern U.S , the Middle East , Europe and Africa . There are also a number of unidentified images, as well as personal and family images.





The Gordon Collection comprises some 1200 volumes of French books dating from the sixteenth through the nineteenth century. Over 600 were printed before 1600, and many retain their original bindings. These include literary works and titles pertaining to religion, philosophy, medicine, astronomy, travel and architecture. The rarity of so many of the books, combined with the size and range of the collection, make it a treasure for Renaissance scholars from around the world, as well as those studying the early history of printing and the book arts. In fact, many of the volumes are counted among only a few surviving copies, and, in some cases, the Gordon book is the only known copy in the world. RMDS began digitizing the collection in 2003, focusing on the sixteenth century portion of the collection.










The Jefferson Digital Portfolio includes a gallery of the architectural drawings attributed to Jefferson that reside here in the University Library, a link to the Jefferson Calendar, and links to a Jefferson related web exhibit. There are also links to a gallery of Jefferson's copy of Notes on the State of Virginia and Benjamin O.Tyler's Declaration of Independence Facsimile Subscription Book.








The Taylor Family Digital Portfolio is composed primarily of Lillian Gary Taylor's Memories volumes. Through these volumes we glimpse the life of a late nineteenth-, early twentieth-century American family. In 1936, Mrs. Taylor set about chronicling her recollections of growing up in Baltimore society. After many years' delay, she began work on this final version of Memories, on September 10, 1943 , the day after Italy surrendered in World War II. Her Memories volumes are filled with details of her daily life, as well as charming episodes recalled with wonderful clarity.









The UVa Visual History Collection contains images from various sources throughout Special Collections as well as images from other units within the University. There are some major categories, most of which are related to the University of Virginia , including the Rotunda, sports and athletic events, and faculty and students throughout UVa History. New UVa photos and images will be added periodically.






The Vanity Fair Portfolio is part of a larger collection compiled by the late Cecil Y. Lang, Professor of English at the University of Virginia from 1967 to 1991. Noted for editing the letters of Victorian poet Matthew Arnold, Lang used the prints as a resource in identifying some of the individuals mentioned in Arnold 's correspondence. Lang donated his collection to the University Library in 2002. The gift comprised 900 of these remarkable portraits, each showcasing a noteworthy pe rsonality of the Victorian era.











The Leftwich Papers Portfolio consist of approximately 2500 items that reflect the military, business and personal activities of Joel Leftwich (November 22,1760 to October 20,1846). The collection contains correspondence, financial and legal papers, and other printed material.  Whereas personal correspondence and business papers comprise the bulk of the collection there is also a significant amount of material relating to the operations of the Twelfth Virginia Militia Brigade from 1790 to 1842.