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Collecting Journals

Lillian’s Collecting Journals provide a wonderful link between the collector and her collection. As she would add a book to her collection, Lillian would painstakingly record all the information she had about the volume into her journals, adding a carefully drawn hand-copy of the title page to the entry. These records, covering best-selling American fiction from 1787 to 1947, fill eighteen small journals. The depth and breadth of the Collecting Journals demonstrate both Lillian’s dedication to her collection and her love of literature. In a way, Lillian’s work of copying each title page demonstrates an early concern with the type of preservation being carried out on the Collecting Journals today—the need to preserve a representation of the physical object itself, not just its content.

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Collecting Journals

Volume I, 1787-1808

Volume II, 1809-1826

Volume II, 1834-1863

Volume III, 1827-1834

Volume IV, 1835-1840

Volume V, 1841-1850

Volume VI, 1851-1859

Volume VII, 1860-1869

Volume VIII, 1870-1879

Volume IX, 1880-1886

Volume X, 1887-1892

Volume XI, 1893-1900

Volume XII, 1901-1909

Volume XIII, 1910-1919

Volume XIV, 1920-1927

Volume XV, 1928-1935

Volume XVI, 1936-1940

Volume XVII, 1941-1945

Volume XVIII, 1946-[1947]