Clemons library media classrooms: Reservation & use policies

We’re happy to offer media classrooms in support of UVA’s teaching, learning, and research activities. To ensure a pleasant and productive environment for everyone, we ask that you please recognize and agree to our policies when booking and using rooms:

  • Priority is given to those with teaching, learning, and research needs.
  • Rooms are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • You may not rewire or unplug the audio or video equipment, or change the settings on the ceiling mounted digital projectors.
  • First-time users, or those who haven’t used the room in more than a year, should contact our A/V technician, Ric Hodges (434-243-5597), prior to your session to learn how to use the equipment.
  • Faculty and teaching graduate students who wish to book rooms for a full semester may do so only when the technology requirements of a class cannot be filled through the Registrar, and with the advance permission of the University Registrar and in coordinate with the Library. For more information, contact
  • The G-Lab cannot be reserved for full semester classes. Occasional classes must be reserved in accordance with the University schedule for that day.
  • If a faculty member reserves a room for a class session but is unable to be there personally, he or she must assign a ‘student designate’ who will responsibly operate the equipment, oversee the class, and receive equipment training by contacting Ric Hodges (434-243-5597).
  • With the exception of the G-Lab, food and drink are welcome, but you must dispose of trash properly and leave the room in clean condition.
  • Furniture must be returned to its original state after your session.

By booking a room, you agree to these policies and to being responsible for the room and its equipment.

Get Help

If you need assistance at any time, please ask at the Service & Information Desk on the 4th floor or call 924-3684.

Thank you!

We look forward to helping make your session a success.